Important points when buying a suit


In the clothing market, choosing men’s clothing and buying a suit may not be as diverse as women’s clothing, but it is certainly not an easy task and requires a lot of care and attention to detail. When a gentleman needs to buy a suit for a formal occasion, he needs to be aware of the details of the dress and the specifications of traditional attire. If you are one of those people who care about your fashion and you want to enjoy buying your brand men’s suit, and at a glance, everyone will admire your taste in buying men’s suits, join us until the end of this article. Be and do not miss the offers of the Zagros brand, which famous people also use!

Important points when buying a suit

Formal occasions such as weddings, conferences, business meetings, business parties, and the like are occasions when you need to wear a suit. But before buying a case, you need to be aware of the specifications of the formal claim to make the best choice by making a decent and smart choice, paying the amount you spend, and looking completely proper, handsome, and dignified. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following. These are as follows:

Blue and black colours, two colours suitable for formal suits

Never wear the coat individually.

When buying a formal suit, keep in mind that the right colour is navy blue, and in the absence of navy blue, black is the second priority.

Another characteristic of a formal suit is that if the fabric is patterned, the material lines should be quite narrow and thin. So never go for patterned, plaid, or wide-brimmed suits!

When buying a suit, keep in mind that the classic style of pants is up to the middle of the shoe’s heel and does not have any wrinkles.

If you are looking to buy a new men’s suit in the Zagros Poosh brand, two-button suits are the most formal type of suit, but the classic mode is three buttons, in which case in a traditional ceremony you only need the top button and finally the two top buttons. Close. Of course, single-button suits are also used, which are a priority in formal two-button ceremonies.

Slit suits on both sides are more common, shapely, more up-to-date, and comfortable, but slit mid-size suits are suitable for large people and are American designs. Of course, Hollywood actors prefer the non-slit type of suit, which is not very comfortable sitting and working at the table or driving.

If you want to buy a formal suit, it is important to note the difference between a legal suit and a sports suit. Of course, in the Zagros brand, you can find men’s sports suits that suit your age and taste, but you certainly can not wear sports jackets on formal occasions; Because it is considered an insult to people present in public.

Pay attention to important details when buying a men’s formal suit

Another characteristic of a legal case is the appearance of the coat pocket; Formal coats have pocket pockets. So if when you buy a claim, you notice that the jacket has patch pockets or patches, know that you are dealing with a sports jacket that is not useful for your formal occasion.

When buying a suit, base your measurement and measurement criteria on the coat; Because it is very important that the skin is perfectly sized from the shoulders, without wrinkles, and fits your body. The length of the sleeves or the tightness and width of the waist of the coat, or even the size of the pants or the height of the pants, can be adjusted and sized according to the style of your body.

If you are going to size the sleeves of the coat properly, make sure that the normal height of the sleeves is the size that is up to the wrists and that the sleeves of the shirt protrude half a centimeter from the coat, and this amount should not exceed one and a half centimeters.

When buying a suit, keep in mind that in addition to colour and design coordination, the suit’s fabric is also very important. So if you are purchasing a winter suit with wool fabric, do not choose a cotton shirt for the bottom of the case; Because it is very unbalanced. Classic wool and yarn suits go well with traditional 4-season shirts. Also, when choosing a summer suit, use a suitable summer shirt.

If you want to get a groom’s suit, you will find beautiful examples in the Zagrospoosh brand. Just keep in mind that button-down suits are not recommended for young people. Large, four-shouldered men should also avoid buying such cases; Because it will make them look wider. But for other people, purchasing a two-button suit, or so-called 6-button is a bold, stylish, and appropriate choice.

To buy a men’s suit, it is necessary to consider some points about the pants. In classic cases, the tail of the pants is up to the heel of the shoe, and the front of the pants is slightly wrinkled; That is, the height of the pants is such that it is flat from the back to the heel of the shoe and slightly folds in the front of the shoe. If the height of your pants is such that a part of your socks is visible and does not cover the top of the shoe, keep in mind that this suit is not suitable for formal occasions.

Another thing about formal coats is that they have cushions on the shoulders that keep the shoulders perfectly shapely and high.

How to properly match clothes and ties with a formal suit

Where can I get the right case?

Perhaps the concern of most well-dressed gentlemen is to choose the right store for the donkey

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