Does Your Digital Marketing Agency Know These 5 Things?

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Digital marketing is as much about knowledge as it is experience and skill. In fact, a digital marketer will succeed in direct correlation to the body of knowledge they possess. That’s why competent digital marketers go to great lengths to try to fully understand their clients.

Webtek Digital Marketing is a Salt Lake City marketing agency that specializes in the digital space. They also operate a second office in Austin, Texas. One of the first things they do when engaging with a new client is to get to know that client. Moreover, they make a point of continuing to learn throughout the marketing process.

How about your digital marketing agency? Have the representatives you’ve worked with taken the time to get to know you and your business? More importantly, does your digital marketing agency know the five things discussed below? If not, Webtek suggests it is time to look for a new marketing partner.

1. The Fundamentals of Your Industry

Your company is involved in a particular industry. Regardless of what that industry might be, your digital marketing agency needs to be familiar with the basics – at the very least. The agency needs to understand the fundamentals of your industry so that it knows exactly what it’s dealing with. Otherwise, how can SEO experts and content marketers know how to proceed?

Not having a fundamental understanding of your industry only leads to guesswork. That is no way to run a marketing campaign. Your agency has to know what it is marketing if it’s going to do so effectively.

2. Your Primary Customer Base

Next up is your primary customer base. Is your company a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) enterprise? It makes a difference. Both types of enterprises sell to different types of customers. Going one step further, the products and services you sell likely don’t appeal to every customer out there. Your digital marketing agency has to know your primary customer base so that it knows exactly who to target.

3. Your Marketing Budget

Talking about money is uncomfortable to a lot of people. But when it comes to running a successful business, how can you avoid it? You certainly cannot ignore finances in the marketing realm. Simply put, your digital marketing agency needs to know what your budget is. They need to know what they have to work with so that they can maximize every penny spent. Otherwise, you might very well be flushing money down the drain.

4. Your Company Philosophy

Every company has a philosophy in terms of how it interacts with customers. One company catering to a certain demographic might prefer a more laid-back approach that emphasizes a casual state of mind. Another company might be all business. Their state of mind is one of complete seriousness and sobriety.

Your digital agency needs to know your company philosophy so that it can market appropriately. Otherwise, you end up with mixed messages that only confuse customers.

5. Your Brand Value

Last but not least is your company’s brand value. As you know, your brand is that thing or collection of things that sets you apart from the competition. There is value in your brand in that it can be leveraged to help create loyal customers. Does your marketing agency understand your brand’s value? If not, an incredible resource is being wasted.

Successful digital marketing is built on knowledge. The larger the body of knowledge, the more effective a marketer’s efforts tend to be. So ask yourself this: does your digital marketing agency have the right body of knowledge? If not, something needs to change.

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