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Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – Do You Know About it

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Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – On August 22, 2019, the beloved 7-year-old son HINATA was found dead within Shimoda River in Kochi, Japan, after staying generally there with his friends. We nevertheless don’t know WHY and just how he died, and WHETHER OR NOT his death was an easy accident or not.

Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – The police suspected he was playing in the water and drowned by accident. However, he didn’t like drinking water and could/would not go swimming in the first place! How can we believe this individual voluntarily went into the waterway?

So we demand RE-INVESTIGATION. Yet so far, the police & the town have been reluctant to carry out further investigation.

To move this case forward, we have been collecting as numerous signatures as we can. We will take it to the National Police Company of Japan.

Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – So we require your support and ask for help. Please kindly give us your 5 minutes to indicate your name on the internet petition.

At about 1 pm on August twenty-second, 2019, Okabayashi Hinata used a new shirt and visited play outside on his bike, carrying his favorite encyclopedia.

At 5 pm, the family had been worried that Hinata had not been back home and went to look for him.

His father frequented Hinata’s friends’ house, however, the friends said, “we did not play with him. ”

Your family called the police and the lookup began.

His bicycle has been found behind his friends’ house previously visited through his father, his encyclopedia and sandals were present in the bank of Shimoda Water.

The next day (August 23rd at four: at 20 pm) he was discovered dead in the river.

Their friends’ strange accounts as well as behavior

When Hinata’s dad visited their house on the twenty-second, Hinata’s friends A, W, C, (brothers who are inside 1st, 3rd, 5th grade) replied that they did not get Hinata.
Police found out later on that it was a lie, Hinata was with these three siblings and another friend M.

Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – Then they started saying “Hinata went into the river simply by himself, pretending to be an otter. ” (Later they transformed their account again stating he pretended to be a good alligator. )

Hinata is not able to swim. He was only beginning to practice dipping his encounter in the water and ended up being afraid to even proceed near shallow water even if people invited him to try out. It is hard to believe that Hinata would go into the river wherever sewage flows into. The water level was higher because of rain.

The friends said “we were scared to see your pet drown, so we left. ”

Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – Why didn’t they demand help? There are heavy visitors around the area. It should not possibly be hard for elementary school college students, especially in 5th and third grade to call for assistance. They even passed by simply Hinata’s mother who was searching for Hinata, but they did not inform anything. They did not even explain to their own parents after they go back home.

After they saw Hinata block, they discussed, “what will we do with Hinata’s encyclopedia and sandals? ”

Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – After the accident, the children rode Hinata’s bicycle and attended look for stag beetles throughout nearby shrine, and concealed the bicycle in the hill behind the children’s home.

With these doubtful points, your family asked for reinvestigation. On Oct 15th, 2019, they introduced a petition signed by seventy-six, 214 people to call for reinvestigation to the Kochi Higashi law enforcement station, but the police failed to reinvestigate.
Response of grammar school and education board

Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – Hinata’s parents repeatedly consulted the college that Hinata was being teased, but they did not take any kind of action. The school has not actually held a conference to this day to describe the accident to the students’ parents. Although many parents asked for it, they refuse, saying “there’s nothing we can announce. ”

On November 7th, 2019, Hinata’s family requested the actual Nankoku City education panel to set up a third committee to check into the possibility that Hinata might have drowned as a result of bullying. On Nov 19th, the third committee continues to be set up.

Kochi Higashi Police’s handling of this matter

Japan’s Unsolved Crimes in Kochi prefecture in Japan – The authorities determined that Hinata passed away of accident merely 1 hour after his body seemed to be found. The autopsy report has been done by the accounts of the kids who were with Hinata if he drowned. There are no photos of evidence and a very couple of documents. Police said, “even if we did find evidence, all of us cannot convict children. ”

Even though 76, 214 individuals signed the petition, the authorities have not reinvestigated it.

The family offers submitted testimony accounts associated with over one hundred people with their own contacts also, but the authorities have not even contacted half of them.


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